Sunday, 20 June 2010

Garden moths

Recent additions to my garden list have taken the Macro tally to 120!!

Small waved Umber:Swallow tailed moth:Straw dot:toadflax pug:single dotted wave:small dusty wave:Small fan foot:Least Carpet:Heart and Club:Buff Arches:Barred Straw:Common Emerald:Angle Shades:Orange Sallow:Beautiful Golden Y:Green Pug:Common Footman:Scarce Footman:Riband Wave:Light Arches:Small Square Spot:
and a few yet to be IDd:

moth 1:
Moth 2:Moth 3:Moth 4:Moth 5:Moth 6: Hypsopygia costalis - a micro moth



  1. Moth 5 resembles one I had the other day which I logged as a Middle-barred Minor and probably moth 3 is the same IMO. Andy Grimsey

  2. Hi Dan,

    I've had both colour variant of Middle Barred Minor just like Moths 3 + 5. At least, that's what I've attributed them down to. I've also been stumped with the same Pug Moth 2 as you, I caught 4 a few nights ago, and posted it on WildAboutBritain. Someone ID'd it as Mottled Pug, but I've caught them before and it didn't look quite right. I'd be keen to see if you get the same response?



  3. Your Orange Sallow is a Bordered Sallow.
    Melissa B