Sunday, 20 June 2010

Garden moths

Recent additions to my garden list have taken the Macro tally to 120!!

Small waved Umber:Swallow tailed moth:Straw dot:toadflax pug:single dotted wave:small dusty wave:Small fan foot:Least Carpet:Heart and Club:Buff Arches:Barred Straw:Common Emerald:Angle Shades:Orange Sallow:Beautiful Golden Y:Green Pug:Common Footman:Scarce Footman:Riband Wave:Light Arches:Small Square Spot:
and a few yet to be IDd:

moth 1:
Moth 2:Moth 3:Moth 4:Moth 5:Moth 6: Hypsopygia costalis - a micro moth


New Forest Moths

I've got some queries from my recent trips to The New Forest...

These micro moths were performing a courtship 'dance' over bracken in a small clearing..any ideas? - Nemophora degeerella thanks Pete!This impressive catty was found on the open heath, about 2 inches long..any ideas?Mother Shipton (what a cool moth!!):Lackey Moth catty (dreadful photo as I rushed because of a showy whitethroat!!):Common Heath were, as you would expect, common on the heath:

Thursday, 10 June 2010

'loadsa hawks!'

8 elephants hawks (one made a successful bid for freedom before the above photo!) and 2 poplar made for an exciting opening of the trap this morning!

several other new species were added to the garden lists;

common marbled carpet:fan foot (I thought this was a species of snout that had flown into a wall at first...!):scorched wing:
lastly a photo of the white underwing of one of the cream-bordered green pea I caught a few days ago. This seperates it from the micro green oak roller which has a grey underwing.
I stunned it in the freezer but it came back round so don't worry! :-)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Monster Hawl

Massive hawl last night of 216 moths of 46 species. The species count should increase when I get some help on the below pics;

moth 1 (I want it to be a dwaft pug...) Mottled Pug:moth 2:moth 3 (Mainly vine's rustic but this was different) - Uncertain:moth 4 - Brown rustic:moth 5 - just another rustic shoulder knot!:
and the ones that I had an idea on...

Grey pine carpet (can anyone turn it into a spruce carpet??):probs just a variation on garden carpet but seemed a little different - silver ground carpet:Gost moth:cream-bordered green pea:flame:Burnished Brass:
thanks in advance for any ID help!