Saturday, 10 July 2010

Recent Additions and some micro queries

I've got a major backlog with moth records and ID!!

recent additions to my garden list have included:

Peach blossom:Small emerald:Oak eggar (it laid some eggs which I now have!):leopard moth:broad barred white:figure of 80:bordered pug:clay:
and some comparisons for you:

both ele hawks:cream bordered green pea (right) and green oak roller (left):
Any idea on this leaf hopper? about 12mm long and what a cool looking bug:
here are some macro queries:

is this just a common wainscot - (Smokey Wainscot - thanks Simon knight)?:moth1 (Short-cloaked Moth):moth2 (Maiden's Blush):
here are a load of micros I haven't managed to ID...

micro 1 (Hedya pruniana):micro 2:micro 3 (Celypha lacunana):micro 4 (Bryotropha affinis):micro 5 (Epiblema Uddmaniana):micro 6 (Caloptilia syringella):micro 7 (Cochylis hybridella):micro 8 (Ethmia quadrillella):micro 9 (Ringed China-mark):micro 10 (Pseudargyrotoza conwagana):micro 11 (Diamon-backed Moth):micro 12 (Phtheochroa rugosana):micro 13 (Carcina quercana):micro 14 (Archips xylosteana):micro 15 (Dichomeris marginella):micro 16 (Pyrausta sp):micro 17 (not a micro - Round-winged muslin):micro 18 (Blastodacna hellerella):micro 19 (spindle Ermin):micro 20 (Ostrinia nubilalis):micro 21 (Argyresthia goedartella):micro 22 (Coleophora sp.):micro 23 (Endotricha flammealis - thanks Andy Whitney):micro 24 (Garden Rose Tortrix):micro 25 (Celypha rosaceana):
thanks in advance for any ID helps!



  1. Hi Dan,

    I've got a couple of these already names on my blog.......


  2. Hi Dan,
    The leaf hopper is Lsdra aurita


    Andy B

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