Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Forest Moths

I've got some queries from my recent trips to The New Forest...

These micro moths were performing a courtship 'dance' over bracken in a small clearing..any ideas? - Nemophora degeerella thanks Pete!This impressive catty was found on the open heath, about 2 inches long..any ideas?Mother Shipton (what a cool moth!!):Lackey Moth catty (dreadful photo as I rushed because of a showy whitethroat!!):Common Heath were, as you would expect, common on the heath:

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  1. Hi Dan,

    The micro moth is Nemophora degeerella. I came across these last week in Hay Wood, Warwickshire exhibiting similar behaviour. I think it is the males with the huge antenna. At least they aren't very fast in flight so not too hard to get a photo.
    Love your Hawks photo in your last post , by the way, looks like an aerial shot of an airport with a bunch of strangely coloured planes parked up.