Thursday, 20 May 2010


One of the main moths I really wanted to catch in my garden was privet Hawkmoth, and....
waheyy, found this beauty in the trap after the night of the 18th of May!

A few other goodies and newbies for the garden are..

Heart and Dart:Pale Tussock:Grey/Dark Dagger:White Ermin:Rustic Shoulder knot:
a few I couldn't ID, help please: (thanks Melissa for the IDs)

moth 1 (looks like a hedge rustic to me but wrong time of year...) - Marbled Minor aggmoth 2 (looks a little like a Northern Dart but it's not...) - Light Broncademoth 3 (I have a few ideas but they are definatly wrong...) - Marbled Minor agg

The Garden list is over 50 moth species, I only started counting this year so hoping to increase that!!

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  1. Nice work mate, Good luck at Arlesey NR tonight!