Saturday, 1 May 2010

Coopers Hill Beds moths field night

The night started rather slowly with very few moths coming to the traps. However, unexpectedly things did pick up!

first exciting moth was a lime hawk moth - beauty!!
and in the same trap there was an iron prominent:a little while later this trap was checked again to reveal a stunning scarce Prominent:
The target species was in the bag (or plastic pot)!!

The Robinson trap was set up on the heath and had not been producing very much UNTILL we went to pack it up....

first moth was a narrow winged pug which is a heathland speciality:but then the star moth of the night for me was spotted by Ed and his plonker's light....
A stunning female emporer moth!!!!

what a night with others such as pebble hook tip, scalloped hook-tip, maidens blush, lunar marbled brown, lesser swallow prominent and swallow prominent...

Thinking that my trap would be a disapointment on return home I had a rather pleasant surprise..
my first hawk in the Garden - hopefully the first of many!!

A big thanks to Andy and Melissa for organising the evening!


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